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Client: Puma

Projeto: Conceito, direção criativa, criação de marca, design, ilustrações, papelaria, cavaletes e publicidade.

KPIT partners with leading automotive brands like BMW and Panasonic, where their combined technologies and software integration enable people and goods to move around more freely. The goal was to deliver a solution that would be a true reflection of the brand and how its software and mission is to push mobility on a global scale; for a cleaner, smarter and more secure world on the move.

The new graphic system highlights KPIT’s advanced software as an invisible force; manifesting the idea that “It’s the things you can’t see that shape the world.” A grid ties all elements of the brand together; the visual language of the dots and lines can be seen in the wordmark, imagery and iconography, while the 3D spheres and rods, in photography, advertising and motion design.

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Direção criativa: Rick Garcia

Direção de conteúdo: Fabíola Cottet

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